5. Offshore Wind

5.7.1. Future Potential (Level 2)

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The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) set targets in 2003 for both onshore and offshore wind energy in terms of MW of installed capacity. In 2003, EWEA set targets of 65GW onshore and 10GW offshore by 2010, and 110GW onshore and 70GW offshore by 2020. For offshore wind in particular, the target for installed capacity is 7 times the target for 2010. The EWEA in 2004 further increased the set industry targets for 16% of all wind power, i.e. 70GW within 16 years (by 2020).

In general, offshore wind power potential, and feasibility in terms costs, are becoming more attractive as the technology continues to advance and more wind turbine manufacturers begin to produce turbines for offshore use. The increase of the size of the wind turbines and the distance from shore (i.e. reducing noise) implies that more efficient wind turbines will be installed, thus reducing costs of offshore wind power.

Social issues may arise depending on the culture and economy of the locality. With careful planning and investigation, environmental disturbance, visual impact, and conflicts with other industries can be avoided.

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