5. Offshore Wind

5.6. Environmental Interactions

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Wind energy produces clean energy. Wind farms use only wind power to produce electrical power. There are no exhaust gases from the combustion of fossil fuels such as petroleum based fuels and gas (e.g. conventional power plants). This benefits the struggle against global warming because of the reduction in CO2 emissions, and also reduces emissions of other polluting gases such as SOx or NOx (i.e. by products of combustion).

Environmental interaction occurs with the marine life at the location of the wind farm. It is possible that the wind farm and its infrastructure may affect the ecosystem in the area. Although direct danger for marine life is not apparent, the routes of the fish and marine mammals may be affected and there is a possibility that the whole ecosystem may be disturbed. Direct danger is only evident with respect to birds and migratory birds that periodically travel though the same routes.

A general matrix of the potential key environmental interactions can be found here.

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