5. Offshore Wind Construction and Installation (Level 2)

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Example for installation

An example of a typical offshore wind farm is the Horns Rev wind farm located on the west coast of Denmark. For this wind farm project, the mono-pile foundation was chosen.

The first phase of the construction process for the foundations requires the preparation of the sea bed. In order to minimise the erosion, a gravel mattress was prepared for the foundation. Then the mono-pile was placed at the required position and pile driven through the mattress into the sea bed. The depth of the mono-pile into the sea bed is approximately 25m. Specially designed barges equipped with a heavy duty ram were used. The transition pieces were cast together with the mono-piles featuring the boat landing arrangements, and cathodic protection. The cable ducts for the submarine cables were closed with concrete and the gravel mattress was covered with gravel and stones. For the wind turbine erection phase, specially built jack-up vessels with submersible legs equipped with lifting equipment were used in order to lift all the components of the wind turbines to secure them to place.

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