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Aqua-RET 2 is an EU project funded through the Irish National Agency under the Lifelong Learning Programme (Leonardo da Vinci - Transfer of innovation).

The Aqua-RET 2 project is based on a previous Leonardo da Vinci project; Aqua-RET 1 (2006-2008). Aqua-RET 1 set out to show the user, how Run of River, Tidal Impoundment, Tidal Stream, Wave and Offshore Wind technologies work, where and how they fit into the landscape and how they benefit the economy. Aqua-RET 1 developed an e-learning tool and a series of technology posters (available in English, Greek, Romanian and Portuguese).

Aqua-RET 2 has further developed the Aqua-RET 1 resources and has developed new training material matched to end-users’ needs. Aqua-RET 2 aimed to upskill workers and facilitate the mobility of skilled workers from other sectors into the marine renewable sector, where demand for employees is high by:

a) identifying new needs of the sector on a sectoral and geographical basis, by means of a targeted needs analysis;

b) adapting and developing existing material to bridge the gap between competence requirements and labour market needs;

c) piloting the resulting new Aqua-RET courses across the partner countries;

d) creating an innovative Competence Mapping Tool allowing stakeholders to see the competencies required for various occupations and which knowledge gaps the Aqua-RET training can address; and

e) developing an assessment system linked to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) for the marine renewable energy sector using a learning outcomes approach which shows course participants which competences they have achieved.


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